Cub Cadet Hydrostatic Transmission Won’t Move? [Causes & Solution]

Is your Cub Cadet lawn mower not moving? And I know you are finding the reasons and the solution for this.

Mechanical failure, hydraulic oil problem, issues with lines filled with air, and the belt problem may be the causes why does Cub Cadet hydrostatic transmission won’t move

Well, nothing to worry about. That’s because you can solve this problem on your own? So, take a look at this article to learn useful tips and solutions to overcome this situation.

Why Does Hydrostatic Transmission Won’t Move Forward Or Reverse

Why Does Hydrostatic Transmission Won't Move Forward Or Reverse

 1. Failure Of Any Mechanical Part

Hydrostatic transmission has many parts. The common parts are: plus rubber, metal hoses, differential axle, drive axle, etc.

These parts are very essential for the perfect movement of your mower. Any of these face any complications that can cause problems. And it won’t let your mover move.

2. Problem With Hydraulic Oil

It is one of the common reasons for this problem. If the oil blends with air and moisture from the atmosphere, it can entrain the oil.

The best way to protect the mower from this situation is to remove all the oil before preserving it for the winter. If there is any chance that you will not use it for a long time, then empty it.

This entrained oil needs to be cleaned, otherwise, it won’t let the mower move. And it will not let you go to the optimal functionality.

3. Issues With Lines Filled With Air

It can also happen if you don’t use your mower for a long time. In this type of situation, air can get into the lines.

For this problem, it won’t have enough pressure to deliver and it won’t give the effective result like normal time.

4. The Trouble With The Belt

Sometimes the belt of the mower can be worn out after so much use of the mower. This gets pretty expensive when you need to solve this problem. If the belt is broken, it will not move either.

How To Fix Cub Cadet Hydrostatic Transmission

1. Check The Mechanical Parts

If any of the mechanical parts have any problem, it can create difficulties while running the mower.

So, it is better to always check the parts of the transmission and repair anything if you find any problem. Otherwise, the problem will increase and shut down the transmission for good.

2. Changing The Oil

As the hydraulic oil problem is a common issue, you need to learn the way to solve it. You have to learn all the possible ways so that you can solve this issue by yourself.

  •  First, you need to drain the oil fully. For this purpose, the mower needs to be on a flat surface.
  • The next step is to pull out the drain plug and let the mower empty every beat of oil from the tank. 
  • After that, only refill the tank with the recommended oil from the manufacturer. This way you will be protecting your mower and also using it efficiently.

3. Releasing The Air From The Line

  • Fix your mower in a suitable place and engage the parking brake.
  • Now, disengage the transmission. For this, you need to follow the instruction manual.
  • It is time to turn on the mower and let go of the brake.
  • Keep the mower neutral.
  • You need to push the throttle for at least five seconds.
  •  Now pull the throttle in the reverse and hold it for another five seconds.

This process helps to remove the air.

Turn off the mower and re-engage the transmission and fix it in the perfect place. For this procedure, you need at least 10 feet of space on both sides of the lawnmower.

4. Buy A New Belt

There is no other way if your belt is broken. You have to buy a new one to replace the previous one.

It is better to keep another person with you while you are changing the belt on your mower.

5. Examine The System

Always check the system before starting the work with the mower. First, you need to observe the oil level. If you see there is less oil then add more to the mower.

Check all the hoses and lines of the mower to find any leakage because leakage is the first step of all the damages.

For better performance, you need to clean the fins that are used to pump cooling. Use tools like a brush, rag, etc to clean the fin. And inspect the damage so that you can repair it as early as possible.

6. Maintaining The Hydrostatic Transmission

Always try to keep the transmission and engine clean of the mower. Otherwise, it will get hot and dirty and it won’t give the expected result.

Even though these mowers are strong, try to limit their use. Keep them on their limit. Because giving more pressure to the engine can shorten the life of the mowers.

Transmission is a very essential apparatus of a mower. To maintain its efficiency, try to use it properly and follow the instruction guide for proper use.

Always follow the manual because it describes the best way to maintain the lawnmower by yourself.

It is better to use the transmission bypass to help the oil to move properly. And It is a great way to keep the mower away from the common oil problem.

Final Words

We have come to the conclusion of this long discussion. We hope that you’ve got all the important information and effective solutions for solving the problem of your cub cadet hydrostatic transmission.

If you get any confusion about this matter again, just check out this guideline on ‘Cub Cadet hydrostatic transmission won’t move’ to clear your all doubts.

Are you ready to solve your hydrostatic transmission now? We are sure that you will be able to move your cub cadet hydrostatic transmission with all these solutions.

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