Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Cranks but Won’t Start [Troubleshooting]

Working with a lawnmower is very simple. But when it cranks, we all know how frustrating that is for any user. Do you know you can simply fix that without anyone’s help?

To solve this issue, we will discuss why Cub Cadet lawn tractor cranks but won’t start. There are several reasons for this problem. But all the solutions are easy and suitable so that you can resolve this matter on your own.

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab your tools, and let’s go fix your Cub Cadet lawn tractor.

Causes of Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Won’t Start

  1. First of all, low quantities of gas can create this problem. Always check the gas level before starting. Even though it is a silly thing to say, it happens sometimes.
  2. Gas is one of the reasons. The gas that is more than 30 days older without using it can cause this problem.
  3. Fuel filters can clog from time to time. It is better that you check it because it is a very common problem.
  4. Sometimes the battery can cause difficulties for you. The battery can be dead, so check if your battery has 12V or not.
  5. If there is no connection in the spark plug, it can cause a major problem. So, examine the spark plug and connect it if you find it disconnected.
  6. The carburetor runs with air and it needs to be clear air. But sometimes it doesn’t get enough air because of the dirty air filter. Dirty air filters prevent air into the carburetor.

Fuel Supply Check is a Must

To run the engine, three important things need to happen. These three things are fuel, spark, and compression.

To find the real reason for your problematic engine, you need to take a simple test. With this test, you can find the problem and decide how you can fix that.

This fuel supply check can easily remove your two major confusions. By this test, you can clear your doubts about spark and compression.

  • For this, first, remove the air filter
  • Now, spray some starter fluid through the carburetor air intake into the cylinder.
  • It is time to start the engine
  • If the engine runs and stops, the spark and compression are perfect. You have a problem with the fuel supply
  • If the engine doesn’t start at all, you need to check your engine’s ignition system

How to Fix Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Problems

Solve Fuel Supply Problem

For solving the fuel supply problem, you have to follow some steps. That way you won’t miss any necessary things and will cost less money than usual.

First, check whether your air filter is clean or not. Clean the air filter or change the air filter depending on the condition of your air filter.

The gas that you use to run your engine can get contaminated by air and moisture. It usually happens when you don’t use your mower for a long time. So, the better solution is to empty the tank before using it.

The clogged fuel filter is one of the things you need to check. It won’t let the gas go to the carburetor. So, if needed, change the fuel filter.

Another thing you need to check is the valve wire harness. Connect it properly, otherwise, it will not run properly.

Also, replace the fuel line and pump if you find any damage.

Solving the Ignition Problem

When your engine doesn’t start with the starter fluid, you should know that your engine has an ignition problem.

You need to replace the ignition coil if there is any damage to it. Also, ensure the spark plug wire is connected to the plug perfectly.

If everything is perfect here, then move to the next step. Replace the spark plug when you find a broken insulator.

You can also have the perfect spark plug. Then check whether your plug is getting enough current from the ignition coil. If the tester doesn’t spark, you need to change the ignition coil.

Checking the Flywheel Key

The ignition coil is okay if the tester sparks. But your engine may have a problem with the timing of the spark.

A damaged flywheel key can create a problem with the timing of the spark. It will not allow the magnet to pass the ignition coil at the correct time.

For this reason, the spark plug will not ignite and won’t start the engine. So, change the flywheel key when it is damaged. Or, this will cause more engine problems in the future.

Compression Problem

If your engine doesn’t start after checking all the solutions, then your engine has a compression problem.

Now, check the oil level. Because an overfilled oil level can cause this situation. Drain some oil when you find the oil above the maximum level.

For the next thing, check the cylinder compression with a compression gauge. In this test, you will find that the mixture of air and fuel is properly compressing in the cylinder.

The compression problem is more complex than other problems. After checking all possible solutions, if you can’t find the cause, it is better to take the mower to the mechanic.

Final Words

The more you use a product, the more it will face problems from time to time. But if you know simple fixing, it not only saves you time but also some money too.

For Cub Cadet Lawn tractors, surely you have found all the necessary information in this article on cub Cadet lawn tractor cranks but won’t start. We hope you have got all your answers to this and can solve your tractor’s problem.

Now, let’s not wait for anyone. Just go ahead and solve your problem.

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