6 Causes of Bougainvillea Leaves Turning White [Solutions]

Bougainvillea Leaves Or Flowers Are Turning White

Are the leaves or flowers of your bougainvillea turning white? Various ornamental plants combine colors with our surroundings. Bougainvilleas are the best of that kind. Therefore a shabby look with white leaves, white flowers isn’t much expected, right? Multiple reasons are responsible for the whitening of leaves or flowers of bougainvillea. For instance, sunburn, too … Read more

Why is My Bougainvillea Dropping Flowers? [Complete Solution]

Why is My Bougainvillea Dropping Flowers

Bougainvillea is an ornamental plant. A harmonious blend of spectacular shape & alluring flowers adds quite a view to your garden & gets you so many “wow” reactions from the viewers. As bougainvillea flowers are the center of the show, nothing is more frightful when your bougainvillea starts dropping its blooms. After all that care … Read more