Why My Ice Plant Not Blooming: 6 Reason and Effective Solutions

If you want to fill your garden with beautiful and mind-blowing flowers, there is nothing better than an ice plant. They are easy to grow and popular for their flowers.

But sometimes the ice plant doesn’t bloom even after growing properly. I know how much a gardener feels upset then. But don’t be disappointed. In this article, I will describe the reason for ice plants not blooming and will talk about effective solutions. So let’s get started.

Now the question is what are the reasons behind ice plants not flowering? Water imbalance, Lack of sunlight, Poor soil, Low temperature, Over-fertilizing, and Pruning mistakes like factors are mainly responsible for it.

Reason And Solution For Ice Plants Not Blooming [Quick Guide]

Reason Solution
Water imbalanceIn summer water your plant once every 9-12 days.
Lack of sunlightBright, Full sunlight is required.
Poor soilUse Well draining, dry, and nutrient-containing soil.
Low temperatureThe 50-65°F temperature must be ensured.
Over-fertilizingUse phosphorus-containing fertilizer instead of nitrogen.
Pruning mistakesPrune your plant only after flowering.

Reasons Behind Ice Plants Not Flowering

1. Water Imbalance

Water imbalance can occur in two ways. Overwatering and underwatering. The two reasons are equally responsible for not blooming your ice plant. Yes, you read that right.

Excess water makes the soil soggy. Staying on wet soil for a long time creates the possibility of fungal attacks to your plant. This ultimately makes your ice plants weak and weak plants are not able to bloom flowers.

Less watering will also be dangerous for your ice plant. Due to lack of water, your plant must begin to droop. If you don’t water your plant timely, its body mechanism will destroy and your ice plant may die slowly.

So, what exactly is the sign of less watering? Wrinkly and dry leaves are the most common sign and during flowering, your plant also fails to bloom. 

2. Lack Of Sunlight

We all know sunlight is the most important catalyst for plants, Right?. Plants execute their internal functions with the help of sunlight.

Ice plants prefer full sunlight for smooth growth and proper blooming. If you place your ice plants in a shaded place it will be a big obstacle for blooming. Due to lack of sunlight, your ice plant turns to be weak and leggy too. 

Look at your plant’s leaves carefully. Are there any floppy and yellow leaves?  Then of course there is insufficient sunlight.

3. Poor Soil Condition

Soil condition plays a vital role in ice plants blooming. Poor soil enables quick draining. There is also the issue of malnutrition.

If your container soil does not supply proper nutrients and water due to time then your plant will decrease the ability to bloom flowers.

Ice plants prefer dry soil usually. A good drainage system can ensure dry soil. If your container has no such process then the extra water will enable it to go out. Which ultimately makes your soil soggy and wet. With soggy soil, ice plants will never bloom.

4. Low Temperature

Ice plants need an environment of dry climate. 50-65°F temperature is best for them. If you keep your ice plant in an AC room or anywhere with low temperature it may cause the death of your plants.

Temperature also has an effect on blooming. In low temperatures ice plants get moist. Too much moisture causes root rot problems in your ice plant. Root rot is a type of fungal attack. With those problems, ice plants will not be able to bloom flowers.

5. Over Fertilizing

You know what, an ice plant doesn’t need much fertilizer. It can grow and bloom properly with the absorbed nutrients from the potting soil.

Over-fertilizing can be dangerous for your plants. Fertilizer that contains too much nitrogen is the main obstacle to your ice plant blooming.

If you experience your plants not growing well and lack of bloom it must be for over-fertilizing.

There’s still some fertilizer that gives a positive effect on blooming ice plants. But you have to use them in a proper way.

6. Pruning Mistakes

Inappropriate pruning is the most common reason for your ice plant not to bloom. Ice plants don’t need too much pruning but a little trimming process is required sometimes and the right procedure is needed for that.

If you start pruning at the wrong time and in the wrong way, that must lead to a negative effect on the blooming of your ice plants.

Complete Guideline For Ice Plants Blooming

Make A Plan Before Watering

The water demand of ice plants varies with season. So the best option is to make a watering plan according to the seasons.

During dry seasons water, your plant every nine to twelve days also notice the water reaches level. I suggest you water at least a six-inch depth of the soil during hot periods.

In winter ice plants require a very little amount of water. But you have to be careful about moisture and drainage systems before watering during winter.

You can try the Soak and Dry method for watering your ice plant. You have to saturate the soil with water. Then add water again after the mixture has dried. This process will be beneficial for your plants blooming.

Keep Your Plant Under Full Sunlight

Provide full sunlight if you want to see your ice plants flowering. Keep your plant more exposed to sunlight.

If you plant it indoors then place it beside a window where adequate sunlight will be ensured. 

No such place in your room? Then use an artificial light system (our pick: GooingTop LED Grow Light). Ice plants may survive in partial shade but they never bloom if they do not get proper sunlight. So if you are not able to keep them under full sunlight try at least 3-4 hours a day. 

Maintain The Optimum Temperature

The optimum temperature for ice plants is 50-65°F. You have to keep your garden or room’s temperature between 50-65°F.

Low temperatures can also be dangerous for your ice plants. It can directly affect blooming and is responsible for 

flower killing. 

Don’t keep your plant in a high humid environment. In that case, stop using a humidifier because it doesn’t work on ice plants.

Less Fertilizer More Flowers

Usually, ice plants do not need any fertilizer for blooming. But you can use a flower-made slow-release fertilizer. 

Try to maintain the soil quality and freshwater rather than using fertilizer.

Don’t use any type of fertilizer containing too much nitrogen. It will destroy the blooming ability of your ice plants. You can use phosphorus-containing fertilizer, it is effective for ice plants blooming. 

Quick Draining Soil Is Best

By maintaining soil conditions you can solve 60% of your ice plants problem. Ice plants prefer sandy, dry, fewer nutrients containing, well-draining, and neutral PH soil. Stop using dense or clay-like soil.

Make a good drainage system in your container. You can create some tiny holes in the back of the container. You can also add a medium amount of high-quality potting soil during the soil-making time. You can also buy readymade potting soil (our pick: Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix).

Compost can also increase the blooming ability of ice plants. Here I am sharing a compost-making recipe. you can make it at your home.

#Recipe-1: Organic Compost Making

  • Big container.
  • Dead leaves.
  • Twigs.
  • Newspapers.
  • Vegetable waste.
  • Dry grass.
  • Fruit scraps.
  • Eggshells.
  • Water.
  • Take a big-sized container.
  • Mix all the green(fruit, vegetable, eggshell, etc) and brown(newspaper, dead leaves, dry grass, etc) materials.
  • Then add 8-10 liters of water to the mixture.
  • Keep the mixture moist.
  • After one week use the compost in your plants soil.

Note: You have to be careful about the container size and the water amount. The moisture should be maintained strictly. If your plant is indoor then repotting is recommended when you mix the compost.

Stop Unnecessary Pruning

Unnecessary and inappropriate pruning can decrease the ability of your ice plant blooming.

You can prune your plant only after flowering. In early spring or late winter, you can also cut off the poor foliage.

The wilted flower must be removed to make space for the new flowers. Dead flowers can also increase the possibility of insect attacks.

Optimum Requirements For Ice Plants Growth

Light Direct sunlight
Planting distance 45-50 cm
Temperature 50-65°F
Humidity Moderate 
Soil Well draining, dry soil.
Bloom timeLate spring- Early autumn
Fertilizer Phosphorus-containing and low nitrogen.
Popular varietiesCooper’s ice plant, Hardy yellow, Starburst, Hardy white, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can ice plants grow in shade?

Ice plants always prefer full sunlight. 7-8 hours of sunlight in a day is a must. It can survive in partial shade but can’t bloom if the required sunlight is fulfilled.

Do ice plants need deadheading?

Yes, ice plants require deadheading. But it must be in due time. After flowering in every season ice plants need deadheading. It is effective for blooming properly.

When do ice plants bloom?

Ice plants usually bloom from the late spring to early autumn.


In this article, I have discussed all the reasons and solutions for not having flowers in the ice plant. Those solutions are equally effective for the other varieties of ice plants like Cooper’s ice plant, Hardy white, Starburst, and Hardy yellow.

If your ice plants don’t bloom check and recheck the reasons described above. Follow the solution to the reason you find. I hope my experience will help you and make your ice plants flowery. Happy gardening.

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