20 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine Surging? [Troubleshooting]

Maintaining your garden is a difficult job. When your Briggs and Stratton engine starts surging, it becomes more annoying work to do.

It can come to your mind that the surging of the engine is a complicated problem and you don’t have anything on your own. But you know, it is not that difficult to solve the Briggs and Stratton engine surging.

Here, in this article, you can find all the necessary things you need to know about the 20 hp Briggs and Stratton engine surging.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s learn and fix your Briggs and Stratton engine surging problem now.

20 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine Surging

In life, you face some difficulties that you can just solve on your own. 20hp Briggs and Stratton engine surging problems are one of them. Now, let’s look at the necessary information you need to know all about this.

What is engine surging?

If you are new to using a lawnmower, you may be wondering what does engine surging mean.

Surging means your engine is trying to get the full speed, but it decreases its speed. It doesn’t stop the engine but does not work properly.

It can also happen when you have multiple carburetors on an engine and they are out of sync. So, one of the cylinders gets a little more air than the other one/ones.

The Reasons Behind 20 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine Surging

Surging is the common trouble for lawn mower engines. Maybe you are facing it too and want to know the reason. Are you thinking – “why is my Briggs and Stratton surging?”. You may be also wondering What causes a small engine to rev up and down?

Well, here is the answer to your question. Many reasons can make your engine surging. The common reasons are:

  • Jammed Air Filter
  • Greasy Carburetor
  • Air Leaks
  • Fuel Problems

Jammed Air Filter is a common problem for these types of engines. Filters are normally made of paper. But many companies use foam in their engines. Usually, air filters that are made of foam sometimes have a coating of oil. This engine oil can attract dirt that will jam the air filter.

Your engine can have a Greasy Carburetor problem if your carburetor is dirty or gummed up. Sometimes this problem can cause black smoke to come out of the engine. Sadly, that can increase the oil consumption of the engine.

Sometimes your engine surging can be caused by a loose carburetor. It will suck air and block the engine. This extra flow of air will make an imbalance, which will eventually make the engine surging.

Surging can happen by old or adulterated fuel. If the fuel is not used for a while, that can also make the engine surging. Sometimes water or dirt can get into the fuel by the small hole, which will make your engine surging.

How to Solve Surging on 20 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine?

After knowing all the reasons of the 20hp Briggs and Stratton engine surging, you may be wondering how do I fix my Briggs and Stratton engine surging?

Let’s know the process in detail.

  • First, you can check your air filter when you are trying to solve your surging problem. As it is a common problem for engines, you have to clean your air filter.
  • If your air filter is made of paper, you have to buy a new one and replace it.
  • But you are lucky if your filter is made of foam. Soap water can clean the dirty air filter and you can use the old one like the new one.
  • The carburetor problem solution is not as easy as the jammed air filter. But, trust me, you can do it if you try.
  • To clean the carburetor, first, you have to take apart the carburetor. It will be messy and dirty, but you will solve your problem for sure.
  • Now, you have to detach the air filter, the fuel tank, and other parts to reach the carburetor.
  • After that, you can just clean the carburetor with a carburetor cleaner.
  • After the good cleaning, you have to assemble the detached parts again in the opposite order.

But you have to replace the carburetor unless its condition is good. To solve the air leakage problem, you need to check your carburetor. You need to check all the bolts. If there are any loose bolts, you must fix that.

  • Before solving fuel problems, check your tank’s cap vent. It will be better for your engine if you clean it first.
  • Then empty the gas tank, clean all of it. You can also clean gas tanks using fuel cleaner.
  • Then add new fuel to the engine. Your Briggs and Stratton engine is ready to use.

Special Tips

  • Now let’s go for learning some tips for maintaining your 20 hp Briggs and Stratton engine.
  • When solving the fuel problem of the engine, check if the fuel is less than the maximum level.
  • Before every mowing season, don’t forget to perform your lawnmower engine maintenance.
  • Always check your fuel level before starting working.
  • When you start cleaning your carburetor, always check if the engine is hot or not.
  • If you don’t use your Briggs and Stratton engine for a while, it is better to use new fuel before starting to use it again.

Final Words

Even if it seems like a lot of work to do, you can solve your surging problem. Sometimes people say that surging is the beginning of the engine’s Ignition problem. So, never ignore surging as a normal engine problem.

And if it does not solve the surging problem, after giving so much effort to your engine, it may have some serious engine problems. It’s better to take some professional guidance before it is too late.

Now, tell me, can you solve your surging problem now? Hopefully, you can. That’s because you have already got all the necessary information you need to learn from the 20 hp Briggs and Stratton engine surging now.

So, start fixing your Briggs and Stratton engine surging and save some money!

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