5 Reasons For Aralia Fabian Leaves Drooping [Solution]

The Aralia Fabian (also known as polyscias)  has quite a unique appearance in its own way. It looks like a little tree with a thick trunk but can be simply kept as a houseplant. It’s so popular for the modern house decor that sometimes even only its stump is also sold in the market.

The reason for such popularity is because this plant grows indoors without any trouble at all. Moreover, it doesn’t grow too quickly into a large size. These advantages add up when it shows the lush dark green foliage.

But have you wondered what happens if its main attraction goes downhill? 

This nightmare comes to reality when the Aralia Fabian leaves start drooping. And it’s very normal for any grower to be confused about what is causing it. But we all know without knowing the right cause one cannot start to treat their plants effectively.

Underwatering, Lack of enough sunlight, Low level of humidity, lack of enough fertilizer, and fungal root rot are 5 crucial reasons why your Aralia Fabian leaves are drooping.

But the good news:

You don’t need to worry about figuring out how to treat any of these problems at all. Because in this article I am going to talk about all the causes of these problems and their basic solutions in the easiest manner.

So, without making any delay let’s start to explore–

Why Are My Aralia Fabian Leaves Droopy?

1. Underwatering

Aralia Fabian are water lovers. Since they have a thick and woody trunk, they mostly like to be watered in a way that the soil is saturated. 

If the leaves of your plant are drooping, it definitely indicates there is something wrong with the watering.  You see, aside from the dropping, underwatered Aralia Fabian leaves will curl and turn yellow. Even the plant will start to lose its lower leaves leading to defoliation. 

In case you are wondering what will happen if they are overwatered then surprisingly almost the same symptoms will appear. The leaves will get yellow but in an overwatering case, the stem will collapse. 

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Water your Aralia Fabian when one-third soil of the pot becomes dry. Water them generously but don’t forget to drain out the excess water through the pot. Because, if the plant is in soggy soil for a long time then some fungal disease might appear. 

They cannot stand cold water. So, Try to always use lukewarm water around the base of the plant. And, if you are using tap water then you have to allow it to come to room temperature before application.

Also, if any leaves are dead you have to remove them from the plant. And make sure there are no dead leaves fallen in the soil of the plant pot.

2. Lack of sunlight

The second most important thing to check is whether the plants are getting enough sunlight. Because the Aralia Fabian needs a bright but indirect kind of light and they tend to become droopy if they don’t receive proper sunlight. 

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If you are growing them inside your house then you have to move them near a window so that they can receive a few hours of sunlight everyday. 

It’s better if you place it a few feet away from the south or west-facing window. In this way, the plant will get good sunshine for a couple of hours in the morning period.

Anyway, you should never ever put them under the shade because it will only increase the chances of drooping. And in this case, the water and compost in the soil will not be able to dry for a long time. As a result, the plant will get infected by root rot.

However, do not put it under direct sunlight for a long time. Because it will burn the leaves and turn the edges brown which will only worsen the condition of your plant. 

Also, you have to keep your plant warm. It’s better if the temperature is around 80°F. But never let the temperature drop below 60°F. 

3. Low Humidity

It’s found that Aralia Fabians require moderate to high levels of humidity. This can also be the reason why your plants are drooping.  Though the mature plants can somehow survive the low humidity condition, the small plants completely fail to tolerate it.

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You can easily get rid of this problem by placing a small tray filled with some pebbles and water under your Aralia Fabian pot. Because this water will evaporate and will create a high humid environment for your plant. 

Also, after watering the extra water will seep through the pot into the tray. In this case, you have to water your plant a bit less. 

However, if this doesn’t seem to work for you you can get a humidifier that will increase the humidity level around your plant. (our pick: AquaOasis™ Cool Mist Humidifier)

And be sure to keep them away from doors. Because the frequent strokes of wind from opening the door reduce the humidity.

4. Low On Fertilizer

Sometimes when the Aralia Fabian is low on fertilizer their leaves become droopy and the whole plant kind of collapses to the ground. And this issue can occur much more frequently than you can imagine. 

Because potted soil tends to lose nutrients faster. And as a result, the leaves of the plant become weak, yellow, and droopy.

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You have to feed them periodically, especially during their growing season. Use a balanced liquid fertilizer for houseplants once every month during the spring and summer time. (our pick: Aquatic Arts Indoor Plant Food)

When you apply the fertilizer, be sure to follow the package instructions otherwise you can end up overfeeding the plant. Because of overfeeding, the potted Aralia Fabian can easily be killed due to excessive salt accumulation in the soil.

And in case you have overfed your plant by any chance, then wash the soil very thoroughly with water while draining the water continuously from the pot. Remember to prevent any waterlogging conditions. Because this will make the plant susceptible to fungal root rot.

5. Root Rot

And last but not certainly least, we are going to discuss root rot. It is a very dangerous disease for your Aralia Fabian. Because they have a very delicate root system. And the roots easily get affected by excess water which easily leads to root rot.

And the worst part is, not only does it make the leaves droopy but also it makes the leaves yellow and stops the plant from growing at all. In addition, the plant starts to rot from the base with a foul smell coming out from the roots.

The pathogens that cause root rot are hard to get rid of. Because these fungi attack the roots and block their main functions. As a result, water transportation through the plant is greatly hampered. And it eventually kills the Aralia Fabian plant.

So, whenever you see the symptoms do not waste any time and immediately start to take the proper actions. 

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First of all, you have to uproot the plant from the pot very delicately without damaging the roots. Then you have to get rid of the rotten parts of the root with a sharp shear or knife. You will be easily able to identify the rotten parts because it will look grayish and mushy which will spread a bad odor. 

After that, treat the roots with a proper fungicide that will effectively get rid of the root rot fungus from your plant(Our Pick: Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide). Then it’s time to plant your Aralia Fabian back into the pot filled with a new soil mixture.

Do not use the same soil because the soil might still have those root rot fungi which will be able to attack the plant again. And always be careful about watering them correctly.

If you have overfed or overwatered the plant already but want to prevent them from waterlogging then get the plant carefully out of the pot without hurting the root system. After that, wash the roots thoroughly with running water. And then plant the Aralia Fabian in a newly prepared soil mix.

If you think the soil is too compact then thoroughly mix some sands or perlite with the soil.  When you think the plant has overgrown the pot then you can transplant them to the next size pot every two years during the spring. But make sure you water the plant generously a day before transplanting.

Also,  remember to not put your plant under the shade for too long as it can promote the growth of mold in the soil.

You can give a try to this recipe of homemade fungicide using cinnamon for curing the root rot–

#Recipe 1:- Cinnamon Spray  Recipe


  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder 
  • 2 liters of water 


  • Mix cinnamon powder with water with the help of a spoon and leave it to sit overnight
  • Then stran the solution with a fine cloth though this step is completely optional 
  • Use this solution to treat the roots of your Aralia Fabian

The Ultimate Watering Guide For The Aralia Fabian Plants

Watering is so important for your Aralia Fabians. Because watering can either revive them from dying or even can cause diseases that will kill them.

The best strategy is to water the plant little but on a regular basis. But one cannot just decide to water their plants with a constant amount. Because naturally, the water needs of Aralia Fabian change with some factors like temperature, humidity, and its own growth.

Before watering you can use a moisture meter to know whether the plant needs water or not(Our pick: Atree Soil Soil Tester Kits with Moisture, Light, and PH Test for Garden). You can also get an idea about the moisture by sticking your index finger into a few inches of the soil. 

Observing the soil color will also tell you about its water status. When the soil has enough water then the color will be a bit darker. But as it becomes drier the color will start to turn lighter in shade.

Another way of knowing about the moisture status of the soil is by picking the pot up to feel the weight. But this is applicable only when the plant is smaller in size.

Next, try not to use hard water on the plant. Because hard water will increase the salt concentration in the Aralia Fabian plant and as a result, the roots will be injured.

And be sure to prevent using cold water on them because their roots are quite delicate in that matter. And if you use cold water your plant can go into cold shock. So allow the water to sit and adjust to room temperature before pouring it onto the plant.

If your plant is lacking water there will be yellowing and curling of leaves along with a sudden loss of the lower leaves. But if you have gone overboard with the watering then the plant will become stunted with droopy leaves.

The main theme is to water moderately and let the excess water drain out through the holes of the plant pot.  During hot summer days water, a bit more in amount and gradually starts decreasing before the winter. And in winter just water is enough to keep the plant alive.

Since we know that our plant loves high humidity we can increase the humidity by misting the plants occasionally. However, when misting be sure you are not overdoing it. Because too high humidity can result in fungal growth in the plant.

Another thing is if you have radiators or AC you have to keep the plant much away from it. Because these things tend to reduce the humidity a lot which is not good for the plant. To avoid this you can use pebble trays filled with water under your plant pot. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are The Aralia Fabian Plants Poisonous?

Many consider the plant to be poisonous. So if eaten by children or pets it can cause vomiting and stomach ache. So, you have to immediately contact the doctor or seek medical advice at any nearby hospital. 

How often should I water my Fabian Aralia?

You have to water them at least once a week. But the amount of water is highly variable. They need different kinds of watering in different seasons of the year. And the water requirement changes with the increasing size of the plant.

Why are my Aralia leaves falling off?

The main cause of this is overwatering, cold shock, and overfertilization. All these three reasons cause damage to the root. And this ends in very little to no transportation of water through the whole plant. As a result, the leaves start to wither and fall off.

What soil does Aralia Fabian like?

For the best performance, it’s crucial to provide your Aralia Fabian’s with the right soil mixture. They prefer an acidic soil mix that is rich in nutrients. You can also add perlite or sand to improve the aeration and drainage in the soil. 


Aralia Fabian plants are an odd beauty that adds a different level of charm to any of your rooms. The good thing is in spite of being a tropical plant, it easily adjusts to indoor conditions. 

However, you need to be alert when the leaves, which are the main center of the attraction, start to look drooping. Because these drooping leaves can be an indication of a big problem.

Just follow the instructions for watering carefully and half of your problems will be solved just like that. In addition, use a good fungicide and feed your plant as much as they need. 

I hope this article has been able to walk you through all the secrets about Aralia Fabian’s care and treatment.

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