6 Best Fertilizer For Hops 2022 [Application Guide]

About growing Hops, I like harvesting the most. That crunchy sound of ripened Hop flowers soothes my ears. Obviously, a blessing harvest depends largely on fertilization as bines feed a lot. But there’s a problem.

It is not easy to get a specially manufactured Hop fertilizer. Why? Because mostly Hops are cultivated on large scales & growers buy single nutrient fertilizers rather than fertilizer blends.

Thereby, gardeners often face trouble picking the right one. But don’t worry. I was in your shoes before & went through a lot of research, users recommendations & so on to crack that problem.

Today I am going to share my research results with you- the 6 best fertilizers for your Hops. So, without further ado, let’s get going-

Top 6 Fertilizer For Hops- Comparisons

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food24-8-16GranularSynthetic
The Andersons Professional Fertilizer16-4-8GranularSynthetic
Osmocote Smart Release Plant Food15-9-12GranularSynthetic
J R Peters Inc Jack's Classic Petunia Feed20-6-22GranularSynthetic
Nelson Plant Food For Vines17-7-10GranularSynthetic
The Old Farmer’s Almanac Plant Food8-4-8GranularOrganic

Top 6 Fertilizer For Hops- Reviews

1. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food

I am beginning my review with a Miracle-Gro Plant Food. Because of its first-class & user-friendly products, Miracle-gro easily tops the choice list of many gardeners. However, let’s see how this fertilizer fits for your Hops-

Nutrient Composition

The fertilizer is a blend of 11 synthetic compounds that supply 9 essential macro & micro plant nutrients.  You know, Hops need macronutrients like N, P, K in higher volumes & micronutrients like B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn, etc in Lower volumes. But both types of nutrients are essential for Hops to complete their life cycles.

Anyway, the nutrient percentages are 24% N, 8% P, 16% K, 0.02% B, 0.07% Cu, 0.15% Fe, 0.05% Mn, 0.0005% Mo & 0.06% Zn.

Nutrient Analysis

You know, Hops are bines & they heights up by wrapping supportive trellis. That’s why Hops require a lot of N for a firm structure. The second most required Nutrient for Hops is K. Potassium makes the Hop cones healthy along with green foliage & solid bine.

But interestingly, Hops don’t thrive for higher phosphorus content like other flowering plants. Rather, they are okay with comparatively lower phosphorus in the soil. Now think of these requirements & look at the NPK ratio- 24-8-16, perfect, right?

Exclusive Highlights

The fertilizer is a single solution for many problems in your garden as it is an all-purpose fertilizer. Moreover, its water-soluble nature feeds the hungry Hops instantly & keeps feeding for 1 or 2 weeks straight.

Additionally, it contains two exclusive nutrients for Hops (Fe & Mn) in chelated form.  Thus these highly reactive molecules don’t get involved in any undesired reactions & ensure their bioavailability at the root zone for better uptake.

Applying Method

For in-ground Hops, take 1.5 tablespoons of that sky-colored granules & mix them with 1.5 gallons of water. After that, soak the base soil of your Hops.


2. The Andersons Professional PGF Complete Fertilizer

The Andersons Professional PGF Complete 16-4-8 Fertilizer

Gardeners use the Andersons Professional PGF fertilizer extensively for lawn grasses like tall fescue, centipede, Bermuda, etc. So, you might be puzzled why I am suggesting a turf fertilizer for Hops. Just go through the review. You will know-

Nutrient Composition

The PGF fertilizer has derived all of its macro & micronutrients from safe & eco-friendly inorganic sources like ammonium phosphate, urea, potassium sulfate, methylene ureas, etc.

And the nutrients are N (16%), P (4%), K (8%), S (2.72%), Cu (0.10%), Fe (3%), Mn (0.10%) & Zn (0.10%).

Nutrient Analysis

Several scientific studies show that, along with N, P & K, Hops mostly thrives for S, Fe, Zn & B. Additionally, Hop plants can’t stand deficiency of these particular nutrients.

Sadly, this fertilizer doesn’t supply B but it takes care of the others. Moreover, this fertilizer shares N from four sources for 24/7 availability in both possible forms like NH4+ or NO3-. So, your Hop won’t cry for N at least. Besides, including 9.20% quick-release N, it contains 2.80% water-insoluble & 4 % slowly available N to feed your Hops up to 8 weeks.

Exclusive Highlights

This fertilizer works best near the soil level as turfs tend to have short roots. That’s why I recommend this fertilizer for the first year of Hop growing. Why? Because during the first year, Hop rhizomes stay near the soil level & get easy access to the nutrients.

Furthermore, the blend offers 7% humic acid to develop soil health & make nutrients uptake more comfortable for Hops.

Applying Method

During the first year, sprinkle one tablespoon of the granules per square foot area. After that, water thoroughly.


3. Osmocote Smart Release Plant Food

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Plus Outdoor & Indoor

I was roaming around the internet & guess what? Osmocote Smart Release fertilizer is the most recommended fertilizer for Hops by successful growers. Undoubtedly, it is because of its smart-release technology. But, what actually is this smart-release technology? Let’s see-

Nutrient Composition

The NPK ratio is 15-9-12, a complete match to Hop’s nutrition requirements. Along with 15% N, 9% P & 12% K, the fertilizer offers a complete blend of 8 more essential nutrients & which are 1.3% Mg, 6% S, 0.02% B, 0.05% Cu, 0.46% Fe, 0.06% Mn, 0.02% Mo & 0.05% Zn.

By the way, this fertilizer is a mixture of several safe polymer-coated synthetic compounds.

Nutrient Analysis

The NPK ratio seems quite impressive for Hops, especially potted Hop bines like Chinook, Columbus, Nugget, Cascade, Centennial, Comet Bianca, etc.

Surprisingly, 12.7% N, 7.6% P, 10.2% K, 1.1% Mg, 5.1% S, 0.015% B, 0.35% Fe, 0.05% Mn, 0.015% Mo & 0.015% Zn of this fertilizer is occluded with a unique resin for slow-releasing. And that is the smart-releasing technique to feed your Hops for up to 6 months.

Exclusive Highlights

Together with Hops, Osmocote smart fertilizer is perfectly suitable for all types of annual, perennial & acid-loving plants. Its premium formula covers both your indoor or outdoor plants.

Besides, it supplies Chelated Iron for better photosynthesis & a high amount of Sulfur to keep the soil pH between 6.5-6.8, optimum for Hops.

Application Method

For in-ground Hops, spatter 3 tablespoons of the fertilizer evenly over 4 square feet of soil. After that, mix the topsoil & water entirely.


4. J R Peters Inc Jack’s Classic Petunia Feed

J R Peters Inc 52624 Jacks Classic No.1.5 20-6-22 Petunia Feed

Here comes a J R Peters Product- a renowned fertilizer brand & famous for unique water-soluble fertilizers. Anyway, it is a traditional Petunia feed(read more about Petunia fertilizers)but nothing to worry about. Just like the previous one, it won’t let your Hops down.

Nutrient Composition

The fertilizer comes with an augmented NPK ratio of 20-6-22. Additionally, it supplies other macro & micronutrients, such as Mg (1%), B (0.02%), Co (0.05%), Fe (0.20%), Mn (0.05%), Mo (0.0009%) & Zn (0.05%).

So far, all the fertilizers that I have reviewed are inorganic. This one is also no different from the former ones. It comes up with inorganic origins like urea, ammonium sulfate, monopotassium phosphate, iron EDTA, copper EDTA, etc.

Nutrient Analysis

It is a water-soluble fertilizer with high Nitrogen & potassium. Either you are growing Hops for homebrew beers or colorful foliages, the fertilizer meets both of them.

The good news is, it contains Fe & Mg, which are essential for chlorophyll production. Due to the lack of these two nutrients, Hop leaves start turning yellow. And I don’t think that’s desirable while you are going for decorative purposes.

Exclusive Highlights

Together with Petunia & Hops, the fertilizer works effectively for other flowering plants like Bacopa, Vinca, Rhododendron, Snapdragon, Pansy, etc.

Furthermore, this plant food contains chelated Cu, Mn & Zn. You know, chelates are organic matters which keep these nutrients away from harmful reactions & increase the nutrient uptake ability of Hops.

Application Method

Whenever you water the Hop bines, Use 1 teaspoon of this fertilizer per gallon of water.  Lastly, I must say, a huge number of Hop growers have found this liquid formulation the best liquid fertilizer for Hops so far. So, what are you waiting for?


5. Nelson Plant Food For All Flowering Vines

Nelson Plant Food For All Flowering Vines Bougainvillea

Though Hops are not vines, there is not much variation between vines & bines. Because of their similar fertilizer requirements, I was looking for a vine fertilizer. And Nelson Plant Food has beaten the rest.

Nutrient Composition

It is an inorganic fertilizer as the company used fifteen synthetic compounds to make this fertilizer. These fifteen sources supply nearly 9 essential elements including 17% N, 7% P, 10% K, 0.80% Mg, 9% S, 0.05% Cu, 2% Fe, 0.15% Mn & 0.20% Zn.

Nutrient Analysis

“Bigger, better & more blooms” – this is what the fertilizer intends to do with your Hop plants. You know, Hops are Nitrogen Lovers. And surprisingly, the plant food supplies N from four sources. These sources provide both nitrate & ammonium for Hop’s optimum N uptake.

Besides, Your Hop plants will get a constant N supply for up to one month as 9.5% of N is slowly available for controlled-releasing

Exclusive Highlights

The activity range of this fertilizer is quite enriched. For example- Hops, Bougainvilleas, Coral Vines, Dipladenia, Honeysuckles, Jessamines, Mandevilla, Passion Vines, Wisteria, etc.

Furthermore, it is a Nutristar product. Nutristar products guarantee the release of intended macro & micronutrients for Hops in exact amounts & at the right time.

Applying Procedure

For potted Hops, spatter 2 tablespoons of the fertilizer evenly over the soil surface of a 14″ pot or container. Re-apply once every month.


6. The Old Farmer’s Almanac Organic Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food

The Old Farmer's Almanac Organic Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food

Again, don’t get mixed up with tomato & vegetable plant food. Rather, look at the brand. Old Farmer’s Almanac- a well-known fertilizer company with a glorious history of nearly 230 years. Now, let me brief how this fertilizer is suitable for Hops-

Nutrient Composition

The fertilizer is OMRI listed for organic use as it obtains all of its nutrients from natural & organic sources like soybean meal, feather meal, blood meal, bone meal & sulfate of Potash.

The company enlisted 4 nutrients that the fertilizer supplies. These are- 8% N, 4% P, 8% K % 2.9% S. But interestingly, the sources also supply some other essential nutrients, such as Ca, Na, Mg, Cu, Mn, etc.

Nutrient Analysis

Many gardeners have marked this fertilizer the best organic fertilizer for Hops due to authentic natural ingredients like blood meal, bone meal, soybean meal, etc.

With a suitable NPK ratio, the fertilizer releases 3% instant & 5% water-insoluble N. Thus, it takes care of your Hops for up to 2 months.

Exclusive Highlights

This exclusive blend comes up with protein-based nutrition for your Hops. Therefore, it ensures the highest nutrient uptake for your Hops & works with the soil ecosystem to keep it fertile.

Applying Procedure

For potted Hops, apply 1.5 tablespoons of the fertilizer per 4″ diameter pot. Sprinkle the granules evenly on the soil surface & mix with the topsoil. After that, water deeply.


When To Fertilize Hops

growing hops

Nowadays, growers tend to pay less attention to the timing of fertilization. Well, it is kind of obvious due to advanced technologies. Expert gardeners test their yard soil more often to know the nutrient status & apply fertilizers accordingly. So, test your soil frequently or at least once a year during the spring.

However, traditionally, Hop rhizomes require fertilizer throughout their growing season. It is better to start fertilizing in early spring, like mid-march or around that time. And for the first year, apply fertilizer after the training of your Hop bine.

In July, you should be blessed with newly blooming flowers. And that’s a perfect time to put some more fertilizer as Hop’s need plenty of food that time. Furthermore, many scientists have found that a light fall application is quite effective for Hops too.

How To Fertilize Hops

Fertilizing hop plants

I have mainly suggested two types of fertilizer formulation- Granular & Liquid.

For Granular formulation

  1. Measure the appropriate amount of granules for your potted or in-ground Hops.
  2. Sprinkle evenly on the soil surface. For inground Hops, spread the granules uniformly on the soil surface covered by the plant canopy.
  3. Rake the soil slightly & water thoroughly.

And for liquid formulation

  1. Make the liquid formulation following the packet direction.
  2. Drench the soil entirely. Foliar spraying is not encouraged but it is not harmful if applied with suitable fertilizer.

Homemade Fertilizer For Hops

make blood meal fertilizer for hops


  1. Blood Meal
  2. Bone Meal
  3. Coffee Ground
  4. Wood Ashe
  5. Boric Acid (the powder you use to play carom)
  6. Animal Manure


Following the above list, the mixing ratio is 250g: 250g: 250g: 150g: 25g: 75g for 1 kg of DIY Hop fertilizer.

Note: The fertilizer recipe ensures the supply of the top nutrients that Hops are thrived for, such as N, P, K, S, B, Zn, etc. Apply this fertilizer in early spring for excellent growth of the bine. And apply again in July or August when flowers start showing up.

How To Choose The Ideal Fertilizer For Hops- Buying Guide

Choosing the perfect one would be a lot easier if you know what kind of fertilizer is best for Hops?

In short, any fertilizer that contains a high amount of Nitrogen & Potassium, but a relatively low amount of Phosphorus is fundamentally perfect. But the fertilizer must supply other essential macro & micronutrients, such as Sulfur, Magnesium, Zinc, Boron, etc.

The above information is almost enough to choose a good one. But if you keep the following issues in mind, definitely, you won’t regret buying it-

  • Unless you are an organic gardener, prioritize nutrient composition over the ‘organic or synthetic’ dilemma.
  • For Inground Hops, granular fertilizers are suitable & for potted Hops, I recommend liquid ones.
  • Look for a fertilizer that takes care of the soil too, and keeps it nutritious & fertile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are coffee grounds good for Hops?

Hops Love coffee grounds as much as you love pizzas. You love pizza, don’t you? Anyway, Coffee grounds are a great source of N & Hops are always hungry for it. But wait, don’t get overboard with it.

Is Bone meal fertilizer good for Hops?

The bone meal is not very greeted by Hops. It is rich in Phosphorus & Hop doesn’t need much of it for healthy growth. Even excessive phosphorus can be hurtful to your Hops. So, think before applying.

Final Words

Hops run a huge industry all over the world due to its potential taste for beers. But its ornamental value is no less. In both cases, one common thing is that you have to take care of them properly.

So, keep watching them, watering them, weeding them & for feeding, you got me. Just go through the six best fertilizers for Hops that I reviewed, read the descriptions & hopefully, you won’t regret your purchase.

Thanks for coming by. Happy Gardening.

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