6 Best Fertilizer for Blackberries in 2022 [Comparisons]

When you put so much effort into growing blackberries in your backyard you expect them to reward you with tender and juicy fruits to enjoy in the hot summers. But your expectations can go downhill if the soil of your garden does not have enough nutrients to support the growth of the blackberries. 

Moreover, they need some special nutrients just before their reproduction stage otherwise they fail to bloom as per our expectations. So don’t let your work be in vain and get your plants a good dose of fertilizer at the right time.

In this article, we have organized our research knowledge and personal experience as well to enlist the 6 best fertilizers for your blackberries. And for your convenience, we have added each of their benefits, application method, and application time so that you don’t have to look anywhere else. 

So, let’s get this show on the road–

Top 6 Fertilizer for Blackberries – Comparisons

FertilizerNPKTypeForm Price
Miracle-Gro Plant Food24-8-16InorganicWater-soluble granule 
Dr. Earth Fertilizer4-6-3OrganicWater-soluble granule 
Down to Earth Fertilizer4-4-4OrganicWater-soluble granule 
Tomato-tone Fertilizer3-4-6OrganicWater-soluble granule 
Jobe's Plant Food2-3-5OrganicWater-soluble granule 
Miracle-Gro Plant Food18-18-21Inorganic Water-soluble granule 
Osmocote Plant Food14-14-14Inorganic Resin Coated Granule 

Top 6 Fertilizer for Blackberries

1. Espoma Fruit & Berry Food

Espoma Berry-Tone Plant Food Fertilizer

Espoma is one of the most trusted names in the fertilizer industry for more than 85 years. This product is especially made to grow delicious and flavourful blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and other kinds of fruits. 

The best feature of this berry food is, it’s completely organic with  NPK ratio of 4-3-4. The nitrogen in the fertilizer helps the plant to grow vigorously so that it can bear more fruits. On the other hand phosphorus and potassium helps the fruit to become larger and more juicy.

Besides these nutrients, this fertilizer has them in slow-release form. So this feature makes it an ideal food for your blackberries. Because once you apply the Espoma fruit and berry food to your plants it will supply the nutrients whenever the plant needs for a long time. 

This product comes from all-natural ingredients like poultry manure, bone meal, alfalfa meal, elemental sulfur, etc. Another most important feature of this fertilizer is, it contains beneficial microbes.

And the microbes make sure that your plant has the fastest growth with roots deep under the soil. Furthermore, it has low salt content so it will not burn your blackberries at all.

To apply this one–

Get a cup full of the Espoma fruit and berry food for every foot covered by the branches. Sprinkle them around your blackberries and water lightly right after that.   You just need to apply this fertilizer once every six months and that will be it. 


2. Jobe’s Organics 09727 Berry Granular Plant Food

Jobe’s Organics 09727 Berry Granular Plant FoodTo get abundant fruits on your blackberry plant, Jobe’s Organic Berry Plant Food is one of the smartest choices as a grower.  This product is proven to make your blackberries healthier with more blooms and fruits. 

Also, this fertilizer contains a special Biozome formula that has three types of microbes that break down the nutrients in the soil very fast. As a result, your blackberries will get an instant boost of nutrients. Moreover, these microbes will also improve the soil quality and structure.

Besides this product is registered by Organic Materials Review Institute for organic gardening. All Jobe’s organic fertilizers are safe for the environment. And it is suitable for all the berry varieties including Strawberries, blueberries, etc.

Some fertilizers are toxic to humans and especially pets. But this is not the case for Jobe’s organic food. This one is completely pet friendly. So if you have any pets of your own then this can be one of the safest options for you. 

It contains NPK in a 4-4-3 ratio which gives balanced nutrients. Also it contains 8% Calcium, 0.5 % Magnesium and 1% Sulfur. These nutrients help the berry plants to thrive for a long period of time. And it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals so it won’t burn your plant. 

To apply this fertilizer–

Take 1.5 cups for every foot of plant spread. Then mix with the soil very thoroughly. In the case of potted berries use 1.5 cups for 16 inches diameter pots. Water lightly after mixing with the soil.  Repeat the process every 4-6 weeks. 


3. Down to Earth All Natural Acid Mix Fertilizer

Down to Earth All Natural Acid Mix Fertilizer 4-3-6

We know that all kinds of berries are acid-loving plants. This is where Down To Earth’s Acid Mix fertilizer comes into action. It lowers the pH of the soil so that your blackberries can thrive in the best conditions. 

It’s a blend of all-natural ingredients like cottonseed meal, fishbone meal, kelp meal, and rock phosphate. And it has an NPK ratio of  4-3-6. This ratio ensures healthy blackberries with abundant fruits.

You see, the nitrogen will help your plant to have lush green growth. The phosphorus will make sure plenty of bright blooms. And the potassium will enrich the quality of blackberries resulting in very flavourful and juicy fruits. 

And aside from these, it contains calcium, magnesium, and sulfur to promote the fruit quality of your blackberries. These nutrients also promote root growth so that your plant has better anchorage into the soil.  

If you are living in an area where the temperature that goes chilly frequently then this one will serve you well. Because it gives protection to your plant from extreme winter temperatures.

To apply this fertilizer– 

For new berry plants, make a transplant hole and fill it with half a cup of fertilizer and fill the rest of the whole with soil. And for established blackberries apply 1 cup and mix into the soil very thoroughly followed by watering. 

For best results, apply twice a year. Once during the spring when the plant is in the vegetative stage and again when the plant has started to bloom. 


4. Espoma Tr4 Tree-Tone Plant Food

Espoma TR4 4-Pound Tree-Tone 6-3-2 Plant Food

Here we are with another Espoma fertilizer for your blackberries. This one is a natural Tree-Tone plant food that works amazingly on all kinds of fruit plants and ornamental trees. You can also apply this one on the plants that you are growing in shade. 

It has a  6-3-2 NPK ratio that mainly concentrates on the healthy growth of the plant. And during the reproductive period, it encourages more blooms and results in quality full blackberries. 

The best feature of this plant food is, it contains beneficial microbes. These microbes work on the soil and release nutrients whenever the plant needs it. As a result, you get superior growth and development of your blackberries. 

The slow-release formula feeds your blackberries for a half of the growing season and leaves a long-lasting effect on the soil. And most importantly it is totally free of sludges and slimes. 

It is a blend of all organic materials that give a balanced feeding to your plant. And this product has no hazardous or toxic materials and therefore it is certified by the USDA. So this one is a pure gem for any of your organic gardening projects.

To apply this fertilizer–

Mix one cup of fertilizer with the soil for a foot spread of your blackberries. After that, water them lightly. Apply twice a year, once during fall and again during spring time


5.EcoScraps for Organic Gardening Berry Plant Food

EcoScraps for Organic Gardening Berry Plant FoodIn this modern-day where industries are polluting our environment, EcoScraps has come up with a way to reduce the pollution and conserve the environment with their activities.

Since 2010 they have been recycling food waste from around the nation and turning them into organic and natural plant food. And we already know plants crave for organic food supplies for their growth and development. This is why EcoScraps for organic gardening’s berry plant food is an unquestionable choice for gardeners.

This one is suitable for all kinds of berry plants including blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, etc. You see, they have a special kind of process where they turn the recycled foods evenly spread into tiny particles.

They have a special kind of processing of recycled foods that believes in the all-in-one-particle theory. That means every particle is evenly distributed with all of the nutrients. And even better, the particle analysis has guaranteed its uniform feeding.

It has an NPK ratio of 4-5-4 which is very convenient for the blackberry plants. Though it has a kind of odor that attracts the dogs very much. So you have to keep your dogs out of the garden and prevent them from eating it. 

The good news: this recycling process reduces landfill waste and helps to keep the environment clean. Also, you don’t have to be worried about any poop added in this product. 

To apply this fertilizer–

Take 1 cup of the berry food for a 12’ pot soil and lightly spread it over the soil without disturbing the soil. And then water lightly. 


6. True Organic – Berry & Fruit Plant Food

True Organic - Berry & Fruit Plant FoodThe worldwide leader in organic plant food production, True Organic has been helping to raise the standards of organic products for the last 17 years.  And now they present you “Berry and Fruit Plant Food” from their excellent farm grade elements.

You can choose this product without a doubt because their products are strictly tested for pathogens. In addition, they are the first plant food producers to get the Bureau Veritas  ISO 22000 certification.

This berry plant food is a mixture of all-natural ingredients having a 5-4-4 NPK ratio that is a perfect start for your Blackberry’s needs. And not only that, you can apply this on your strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries to get delicious and juicy fruits.

It is made with a blend of all-natural and superior quality ingredients like poultry manure, fishbone meal, ‍Seabird Guano, soybean meal, shrimp, and crab shell meal. To top it off, it contains 6% calcium and 1% sulfur to give your plants a boost of fruit-enhancing nutrients.

Besides, it is free from any sludge, fillers or additives. And it replenishes the soil nutrients and restores the soil which conventional fertilizers can’t do.

To apply this fertilizer–

Take half a  cup of berry plant food and mix lightly with a 16” plant container. Water lightly after that and keep feeding your plant with this fertilizer every month. 


Homemade Blackberry Fertilizer

Coffee Ground Fertilizer

#Recipe 1: Homemade Coffee Ground Fertilizer


  • Used coffee grounds
  • Old newspaper 


  • Spread some newspaper under the sun and put the used coffee grounds over them. Let them completely dry in sunlight for 2-3 days.
  • After that store the coffee grounds in an airtight jar. Sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons of this coffee ground around your blackberries and water around the base a little.

When & How To Fertilize The Blackberries

Fertilizing Blackberries

After planting the blackberries you need to  let them establish all by themselves. This is why wait for 3-4 weeks before applying any fertilizer to the newly planted blackberry plants.

Finally when they have started to grow you can feed them with your chosen fertilizers. Aside from that you can use manure or compost on the soil as well.

Fertilize them in the late fall before the frost season. Because this will give them a boost to survive through the weather. And when they start to grow during the early spring, apply the 2nd dose of the fertilizer. 

Some of the growers like to fertilize the blackberries three times a year. But that is totally up to you and the soil requirements. Your plants will let you know easily if they are low on nutrients by showing yellowing of the leaves.

Application methods of fertilizer for blackberries are quite versatile. 

  • You can fertilize the soil before planting them. In this case you need to dig up some soil and put some fertilizer over them. And mix them with the help of a shovel.
  • After the blackberries have been established you can either dig some soil around the plant carefully and mix the fertilizer very well.
  • Or, you can just sprinkle the fertilizer around the plant base. 
  • But here you have to follow a precaution. That is, if the fertilizer is inorganic then it shouldn’t come directly in contact with the root of your berries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When should I fertilize my Blackberry?

Fertilize them at least twice,  during spring and again when they start to bloom. 

2. What is the best pH for Blackberries?

They are acid-loving plants and prefer a pH between 5.5 – 6.5 

3. Are eggshells good for Blackberries?

Eggshells are a source of calcium so you can crush and sprinkle them around your blackberry plant every once in a while 

4. How long do Blackberry plants live?

Depending on the variety the blackberry plants can live up to 15-20 years and continue to produce fruits.

5. What kind of soil do blackberries like?

They grow best in sandy soil with good drainage and acidic pH.


To get tasty and juicy blackberries you cannot deny the role of fertilizers at all. Because our garden soils get exhausted by continuous uptake of various nutrients by the plants. So, it is very important to feed the soil so that your hard work in growing the blackberries doesn’t go into waste. 

Every fertilizer has its own features that work in different kinds of conditions. I hope that all the discussion about the best 6 fertilizers for blackberries we just did above helped you to pick which plant food you would like to apply on your blackberries. 

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