7 Best Fertilizer For Lavender 2022 [Reviews & Guide]

Do you know what my nana used to do? She used to keep some lavender leaves under the pillow cover. Yeah, she had insomnia & it is a doctor-prescribed method for better sleep.

Though different people have different expectations from Lavenders, I like the fragrance most. But there’s an issue. Many gardeners often face degraded lavender oil quality with no sweet smell. They keep wondering why? Well, the prominent reason behind this is inappropriate fertilization.

Therefore, you need to be careful in both choosing & applying fertilizer to your Lavenders. And good news- this article covers both. I have done pretty good research about Lavender’s fertilizer requirements & thereby presenting you the 7 best fertilizer for your Lavenders.

So, before an accurate purchase, check out my reviews. You will get a clear idea of what kind of fertilizer is best for lavender. Let’s dive into it.

Top 7 Fertilizer For Lavender- Comparisons

Espoma Plant Tone5-3-3GranularOrganic
Miracle-Gro Plant Food24-8-16GranularSynthetic
Nelson Plant Food19-13-6GranularSemi-Organic
Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed18-6-12GranularSemi-Organic
Scotts Plant Food12-4-8GranularSynthetic
Osmocote Plant Food Flower14-14-14GranularSynthetic
Jobe’s Organics Fertilizer4-4-4GranularOrganic

Top 7 Fertilizer For Lavender- Reviews

1. Espoma Plant-Tone

Espoma Organic Plant-Tone 5-3-3

The best natural fertilizer for potted Lavender,” “Recommended Lavender fertilizer by local Horticulturist,” “Fertilizer with no side effect”- These are the most frequent comments made by the users of this product. But why are they so satisfied with this Lavender plant food? Let’s figure it out.

Sources & Nutrients

It might be good news for organic gardeners that this fertilizer is a blend of 100% organic & natural compounds like feather meal, bone meal, alfalfa meal, poultry manure, greensand, sulfate of potash & sulfate of potash magnesia.

Furthermore, the company confirmed the presence of 3 primary nutrients that Lavender needs in higher amounts (5% N, 3% P & 3% K) & all the secondary nutrients that Lavender demands in moderate quantities (5% Ca, 1% Mg & 1% S).

But wait. That’s not all. According to my research, the sources also add some trace elements that Lavender requires in tiny volumes.

Guaranteed Analysis

If I am not wrong, you already have some questions in your mind. Let me take care of them.

First of all, why is it perfect for potted Lavenders? Well, Lavender loves higher nitrogen than phosphorus & potassium. The fertilizer totally resembles it.

Moreover, it contains 3% water-insoluble N. You know, water-insoluble nutrients release slowly to the root zone for a prolonged feeding period. Plus, for potted plants, it is always better to use balanced or nearly balanced fertilizers due to the limited amount of soil.

Secondly, why does it bear high Ca, though it is a secondary nutrient? Because Lavenders like alkaline soil & apart from feeding your Lavenders, Ca also works for the soil to make it alkaline.

Striking Properties

As this fertilizer is an all-purpose one, that means you can use it on every flower, tree, vegetable & shrubs of your garden.

Additionally, The fertilizer bears a mixture of 6 colony-forming bacteria variants called BIO-TONE. This exclusive formula takes care of the soil by increasing soil microbial activity & organic matter breakdown.

Furthermore, it carries 1% humic acid from leonardite to improve nutrient uptake, stress tolerance & drainage with overall soil quality.

Using Techniques

Take 1.5 tablespoons of the fertilizer for a 12″ diameter pot & sprinkles around the pot edges. After that, rake the topsoil slightly & water.


2. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food

When we talk about Miracle-Gro, customers are mostly satisfied with this brand. But I won’t lie to you. Unfortunately, users have shown some dissatisfaction with this product due to its small size. Arguably, this is the best Nitrogen fertilizer for Lavender & that’s why I am placing quality over quantity.

Sources & Nutrients

The fertilizer is a blend of 11 safe inorganic compounds (ammonium sulfate, urea, boric acid, etc) that release 24% N, 8% P, 16% K, 0.02% B, 0.07% Cu, 0.15% Fe, 0.05% Mn, 0.0005% Mo & 0.06% Zn.

The nutrient composition speaks itself why it is the recommended nitrogen fertilizer for Lavender.

Guaranteed Analysis

It is easier to understand Lavender fertilizer requirements if you know what NPK ratio is perfect for Lavender. According to scientific research, an ideal Lavender fertilizer contains high N, K & low P. And this fertilizer meets the requirement totally.

Moreover, it supplies both NH4+ & NO3- ions for optimum nitrogen uptake.

Striking Properties

This is a water-soluble all-purpose fertilizer that can feed all the plants of your garden instantly for up to two weeks.

Additionally, it contains chelated iron & manganese. You know chelates are organic compounds that keep the nutrients available for the plant in an accurate form & reduce the chances of unwanted soil reactions.

Using Techniques

Mix half teaspoon per gallon of water & apply at the base of the plant.


3. Nelson Plant Food For All Flowering Plants

Nelson Plant Food

Is summer ahead? If so, then you need a good fertilizer for your lavenders to hoist up the blooming. And in that case, this fertilizer is clearly a valid consideration.

Sources & Nutrients

Interestingly, it is a semi-organic fertilizer as it contains both organic & synthetic sources to feed your Lavenders, such as Urea-formaldehyde, ammonium phosphate, potassium nitrate, blood meal, bone meal, iron(II) sulfate, zinc (II) sulfate, copper (II) sulfate manganese (II) sulfate, calcium (II) sulfate, magnesium oxide & ferrous sulfate monohydrate.

And these sources supply all 3 kinds of nutrients: Primary nutrients (19% N, 13% P & 6% K), Secondary nutrients (2.50% Ca, 0.30% Mg & 9% S) & Micronutrients (2% Fe, 0.11% Mn, 0.02% Cu & 0.03% Zn)

Guaranteed Analysis

The fertilizer contains 25% bone & blood meal for a decent show of Lavender flowers & leaves. No wonder it is the ultimate choice of landscapers since 1986!

However, among the 10 nutrients that this fertilizer supplies, N is the most prominent one. Why? Because the fertilizer obtains N from 5 sources for maximum nutrient uptake & 13.21% of N is slow-releasing to feed your Lavender for up to 4 months.

Moreover, it contains a high amount of phosphorus which helps your Lavenders to bloom profusely.

Striking Properties

It is a ColorStar product of Nelson  Plant Food. Now, what does this ColorStar mean? Well, Nelson plant food company made this fertilizer blend to gain maximum color from all blooming plants & that’s why this fertilizer is a part of ColorStar products.

Moreover, the fertilizer also bears 0.10% humic acid & thus it works with soil biology to keep the soil fertile & nutritious.

Using Techniques

Take 4 tablespoons of fertilizer for a 12″ Lavender pot & sprinkle evenly over the soil surface.


4. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Flowering Trees & Shrubs Continuous Release Plant Food

Shake 'N Feed Flowering Trees and Shrubs Plant Food

Miracle-Gro shows up again. And again, it is a semi-organic fertilizer. But the best thing is, users have found this the ideal fertilizer for growing all the Lavender varieties like English Lavender, French Lavender, Spanish Lavender, Phenomenal Lavender, etc. Let’s check out why-

Sources & Nutrients

The NPK ratio is 18-6-12. That means the fertilizer contains 18% N, 6% P & 12% K, an ideal NPK for Lavenders. Along with these, it also supplies 3.3% Ca, 6.9% S, 2% Fe & 1% Mn.

Anyway, as I said earlier, the blend contains both organic & synthetic compounds like polymer-coated urea, urea, ammonium phosphate, feather meal, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, etc.

Guaranteed Analysis

The fertilizer supplies 7% instant & 11% slow-release nitrogen from 3 different sources. Along with 6 other essential nutrients, it can feed your lavenders for up to 3 months.

Striking Properties

Interestingly, this blend contains natural ingredients like earthworm crusting, kelp, feather meal & bone meal to feed the soil microbe. You know, soil microbes are health keepers of soil. They keep it well-drained & rich organically. Thus, this Shake ‘N Feed fertilizer nourishes both below & above the ground of your garden.

Using Techniques

For potted Lavenders, sprinkle 1.5 tablespoons of the fertilizer evenly over a 12″ pot soil. After that, rake the soil lightly & water thoroughly.


5. Scotts Rose & Bloom Continuous Release Plant Food

Scotts Rose & Bloom Continuous Release Plant Food

It is a special fertilizer for roses including all the annual & perennial flowers of your garden. That means we can use it for Lavender too. But that’s not the only reason why I have enlisted. Check out my other reasons.

Sources & Nutrients

The fertilizer is a combination of 4 inorganic sources & those are urea, polymer-coated sulfur-coated urea, potassium chloride & ammonium phosphate. Interestingly, it also supplies 4 essential nutrients (12% N, 4% P, 8% K & 2.2% S).

Guaranteed Analysis

For Lavenders, I kept three issues in mind- continuous release of nutrients, high N & K & finally, low P. Luckily, the fertilizer meets all of them. It supplies 6.6 % slow-release N & thus, the fertilizer can feed you Lavenders continuously for up to 2 months.

Striking Properties

Surprisingly, this Rose & Bloom food shares slight Cl- ion which helps your Lavenders in photosynthesis & elimination of plant disease.

Using Techniques

For potted Lavenders, sprinkle the granules following the pot edges. The application rate is 1 tablespoon per 12″ pot. After that rake the soil slightly & water.


6. Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Flower & Vegetable

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Flower & Vegetable

Osmocote products are well-received due to their superior nutrient-releasing process. That’s why “Smart-Release” comes along with the product title. Now you may ask, what is so smart about this fertilizer? Well, you may have to check the details for the answer-

Sources & Nutrients

The company unites four inorganic compounds to make this fertilizer. And those are- polymer-coated ammonium nitrate, ammonium phosphate, potassium sulfate & calcium phosphate.

From general observation, you can easily say that the sources supply N, P, K, S & Ca but the company only labeled 14% N, 14% P & 14% K.

Guaranteed Analysis

You see, it is a balanced fertilizer as it contains an equal amount of N, P & K. Though it is not an ideal NPK ratio (14-14-14) for Lavenders, it is perfect for soil preparation to get a head start. But that’s not all. Its exclusive property will clarify its worth.

Striking Properties

The most exclusive part is the “Smart-Release” technique of this fertilizer. Each granule of this blend is coated with a unique resin. Within one week of applying, these granules get swollen up due to soil moisture & turn into liquid capsules. Thus this fertilizer supplies 12% N, 12% P & 12% K in a slow-releasing manner to feed Lavenders for up to 4 months.

Moreover, you can use this outstanding formula for any vegetable & flowering plant of your garden.

Using Techniques

Sprinkle 1.5 tablespoons of granules evenly on a 12″ pot soil. After that, rake the soil & water thoroughly.


7. Jobe’s Organics All-Purpose Fertilizer With Biozome

Jobe’s Organics 09521 EMW7493448 Purpose Fertilizer

My last recommendation is probably the best organic fertilizer for your Lavender. Because Jobe’s Organics is a brand that you can totally rely on for the best organic alternatives. Anyway, not convinced? Then let’s go to details-

Sources & Nutrients

The fertilizer is OMRI approved as it derives all its nutrients from 100% organic sources like bone meal, feather meal, processed poultry manure & sulfate of potash.

Moreover, it supplies all 3 types of essential nutrients that Lavenders thrive for. But mysteriously, the company only declared the presence of primary nutrients (4% N, 4% P & 4% K) & Secondary nutrients (8% Ca, 0.5% Mg & 1.4% S).

Guaranteed Analysis

Probably the first noticeable fact is the high Ca content, right? I think you know the reason. It is to feed your Lavenders & keep the soil slightly alkaline.

However, the fertilizer contains 1.2% water-soluble & 2.8% water-insoluble N. Thus it ensures both instant & long-term feeding.

Striking Properties

The best feature is, it contains BIOZOME- a special blend of archaea, bacteria & mycorrhizae. These are beneficial soil microbes that keep the soil organically rich & make it an excellent host for Lavenders.

Using Techniques

Use 3 tablespoons of the granules for an 8″ pot. Sprinkle the fertilizer following the edges. After that, work on the topsoil & water entirely.


What To Feed Lavender Plants In Pots?

pot lavender feeding

You won’t be worried about this anymore if you know what is the best fertilizer for Lavender.

Briefly, any organic or synthetic, or semi-organic fertilizer that contains higher N & K than P, supplies other essential nutrients like Ca, Fe, etc, offers a continuous feeding process & takes care of the soil is primarily ideal for Lavenders. But, for potted Lavenders, a water-soluble balanced fertilizer also works fine.

So, grab the perfect product & save your potted Lavenders.

How To Fertilize Lavenders?

Fertilizing Lavender Plants

So far, I have suggested 7 granular fertilizers for your Lavender. Now let’s talk about the easier steps to apply this fertilizer.

First of all, read the packet label thoroughly. Secondly, prepare the site for applying fertilizer. If it is a pot then, not much to do. Just measure the pot size. But if it is in the ground, you may have to draw a dripline & measure its diameter.

The third step is to take the exact amount of fertilizer for your Lavender according to the application doses. The fourth step is only for the fertilizers that prefer liquid formulation. In that case, you may have to mix the granules with an accurate amount of water.

The fifth step is applying. There are mainly three ways to apply-

  • Apply the granules evenly inside the drip line circle.
  • Apply the granules following the dripline only
  • Drench the soil by liquid formulation

So, find out which one is suggested by the company & apply accordingly.

The final step is to work on the soil with a hand rake slightly & water thoroughly. And that is it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bone Meal Good For Lavender?

Lavender is a native plant of the Mediterranean region. The soil of this region is calcium-rich by default. And guess what? Bone meal is an excellent source of Calcium. SO, yeah! Bone meal is good for Lavenders.

Are Eggshells Good For Lavender?

Eggshells are loaded with calcium carbonate & you already know why it is important. It feeds your Lavenders & makes the soil an ideal host for them by increasing the soil pH.

Is Tomato Feed Good For Lavender?

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food Flower & Vegetable is an excellent feed for Tomatoes & so is for Lavenders. As long as the fertilizer has a continuous feeding process, relatively higher N & K than P, along with other essential nutrients, you are good to go.

Is Seasol Good For Lavender?

Seasol liquid seaweed concentrate is a good mixture for Lavenders. This fertilizer supplies 14 essential nutrients including high N that Lavenders thrive for. So, don’t hesitate to use it but don’t forget to follow the user manual properly.

Is Miracle-Gro Good For Lavender?

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food & Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Flowering Trees & Shrubs Continuous Release Plant Food, both are perfectly suitable for Lavenders & I have added them to my list too. These fertilizers come with an ideal NPK ratio along with both instant & long-term feeding.

Are Banana Peels Good For Lavender Plants?

Banana peels mainly supply potassium & manganese to the soil. But it also contains calcium, iron & magnesium to feed your Lavender & make the soil slightly alkaline. Though most gardeners don’t use it, it is fine. Banana peels would not harm as long as you are providing them in the perfect amount.

Are Coffee Grounds/Tea Bag Good For Lavender plants?

No. Not really. You know, coffee grounds or tea bags are excellent sources of nitrogen & some other nutrients. But unfortunately, applying coffee grounds or tea bags will make your soil acidic & it is not a perfect soil condition for Lavenders.

Final Words

Lavenders are Mediterranean natives. They are fit to survive in adverse soil & they have poor fertilizer requirements. Well, if you have Mediterranean soil, perfect! Otherwise, fertilize them properly because there is a subtle difference between a wild Lavender and a home-grown potted Lavender.

Hopefully, my research will come in handy for you. I can assure you that I kept thinking about Lavender’s requirements while making this list of best fertilizers for Lavenders. So, I have not compromised with my research & now it is your turn to pick the right one.

Wish you the best. Thanks for stopping by.

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